Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Puddletown, England

Four years ago we traveled abroad and one of our destinations was River Cottage, Puddletown, on the River Piddle in Dorset, England.
While preparing our visit I pulled out the atlas and map of the United Kingdom and searched over the south of England to choose our holiday sites. What excitement to choose a village and not really know a thing about it. Search out B&B's and locate one just right for you to complete your dream of dreams.

One literally feels like you are Alice in Wonderland, with directions and a map in hand following lines and going through the round about, perhaps twice to get your bearings to head in the right direction. It is a wonder when you find the very spot you have been dreaming of and planning for so many months. Surprised that we actually did arrive at the place!

Ariving at River Cottage was indeed magical.
Walking through the arbour and the wonderfully green, spring garden I felt like I was visiting my best freind's home.

The garden invited me to come and sit and enjoy the Jonquils and puddleducks that waddled through the grass on their march to the flowing Piddle River meandering through the property.
There was a white pidgeon who claimed the great white bird house. It gave me the feeling of happiness here.

Our hosts made us feel at home in their home, giving us suggestions on where we might like to visit and inviting us into their livingroom, sharing the warmth of their hearth and conversation.

Once in a while I hear from Teresa in an e-mail. I like to think that we are friends across the miles. I wish that one day we could host she and Tony, her husband here at Beverly Cottage.
The garden now green and the rose arbor in full bloom reminds me of our visit to River Cottage, not so long ago, but in a dream......


Sfaulk said...

Missy, I so enjoy your travel tales of dreams and adventure. Please keep it up. I have visited many beautiful places through your words and pictures. Thanks for making my world a brighter place. Love sandy

Erika said...
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Erika said...

Is that were the bunnies were?

Vista Gal said...

No, That was in Prague.

Teresa said...

Hi Missy.Thanks for your lovely comments.We enjoyed having you to stay with us in Puddletown.Spring has arrived here at last and the garden is coming alive.Tony has just caught a baby rabbit eating his cabbage plants and he brought it in to show me,it is so cute.I want to keep it!Hope you and Steve are both well.Love Teresa

Teresa said...
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Vista Gal said...

How are the puddle ducks?