Friday, December 17, 2010

Memories of Christmas Past Brought Present~

As the years slip past I look at Christmas through memories of Christmases past. As I gather the decorations that have been stashed for the year, and ramble through the carefully wrapped and packaged boxes of wreaths and garlands and Nutcrackers, I spot those items that spark heartfelt memories of Christmases past.

I come from a Military family who moved frequently, memories of first Christmases bring thoughts of standing in front of the cookie cutter 1950's home, dressed in my fancy Christmas finest,squinting, trying to keep from blinking as the operator of the brownie instamatic tried to get their best shot to capture the memory for the future.

In First grade the teacher thought of a clever item for the class to make and take.
A "Sputnik". The first Satalite to be put into space that year. We proudly made ours by spray painting a jack ball silver and sticking toothpicks into it then pouring every young childs fantasy, silver glitter all over to make it sparkle!
This little trinket lasted way past my years of living at home and even through having my own little ones bringing their own treasures to adorn the tree.
Until one day I sadly discovered my father had cleansed the boxes of adorns for the tree and alas my dear sputnik had seen it's last holiday. I was broken hearted.

Other Christmas memories are of driving madly across the country to relocate to Conneticut, 4 children in the back of a Country Squire Station Wagon. Our Christmas was in a Motel and Santa came bringing a Mr. Machine for my little brother and Chatty Cathy's for my sisters. I got a much desired transistor radio with earphones
and used it as we buzzed from town to towntrying to locate the nearest radio signal.

In years reciently past I have had the opportunity of learning to make small Feather trees. Quite an endevour, and a challenge. My desire is to make one, but not this year. This year I decided to make tinsel trees and adorn them with vintage orniments to compliment them. They have the flavor of the 1950's and are a delight!

I found a design that caught my eye in a magazine and set out to create it. I found a darling two tiered antique table at a sale on the side of the road for $5.00 and brought it home and added trim around the edge of the table. Bought snow cotton to place on the top of the two tiers placed my tinsel tree in the center and Vola!
I especially like the little antique clip on birds that I found on e-bay! Enjoy~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

And the Winner IS.....

After a month of posting and waiting... The winner is....
Becky, you may choose your picture from the post of 10 choices.
Email me @ mklicka@sbcglobal and let me know which picture you would like. :)~M

Monday, October 25, 2010

Three Little Pumpkins Sittin On A Fence~

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Fall brings to mind a change of weather, cooler temperatures, and of course ,pumpkins! Pumpkins to carve, to decorate, and to make pies with!
Last week we joined the grandkids to Bates Nut Farm to pick out pumpkins. This was the first year we accompanied the kids, and although it was rather damp and misty, we had a fun time.
What do you think about these three "Little Pumpkins"?
I think that they are aweful sweet!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Little Bit of Fall Color~

Having grown up in a Navy family, I have had the privilege of living back East, as well as on the West Coast and Hawaii.
Having experienced these vastly different climates and all that they offer, I have had a taste of the color madness that goes on at this time of year in colder climates.
Southern California where I live has it's own fantastic charm, and although we have a shortness of true trees,(we like to think that palm trees suffice),when September rolls around we tend to think that there is a change in the air and a coming change of seasons.

Having experienced the actual four seasons that display themselves back East,I have an earnest urging to experience the color change of Autumn, to ramble down trails in wooded areas where Mother Nature displays her best works of art. The colors are captivating, and enchanting!

Every fall I long to capture the beauty that I fondly remember from my youth.

This week I traveled to Tennessee for a visit with my son and his wife,to take in the color and emblazon it in my brain and capture it on my camera.

When do the leaves decide it is time to change color? What is the "Peak" time of color?
When One is longing to witness this phenomenon, it is extremely important to know this.It is not an easy task, so One has to be approximate and hope that Mother Nature co-operates.

When One lives amongst the four seasons, it just happens and you experience them on a daily basis as they pass by, but when One has only a brief period of time, it is imperative to hit it on the button, and I think that I have!

The leaves are turning, and the color is quite beautiful. I want to pull the car over to the side of the road and capture the mere beauty of the sun sparkling through the colorful display on the back country roads. Mostly oranges and yellows, but also a smattering of magenta red. This is day one and I can hardly wait to witness what is yet ahead!

I somehow am drawn to the cemetery or graveyard where the ancient headstones are markers, memories of lives gone past here. I stand and try to decipher the etched engravings of words worn by the weather,but still faintly readable. How many people drive by this spot and do not stop or even remember this person who made a difference once so long ago? I snap a picture. It will now be recorded in my heart forever, for I was meant to wander by today, this year, to look and wonder and remember this which I chose to look upon. For if I had not looked upon that most beautifully colored tree, I might not have realised there were memories of lives past
reposing there, someone planted that tree as a most lovely gift, then and for now.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

~A Time To Play Dress Up~

Back to work, and what a better way to celebrate by "dressing up".
I love to help Sweet Pea choose a pretty dress.
I had such fun taking Baby Sweetheart's picture and trying to capture her smile!
We had glitter all over from the "Fairy Wings"!

~Dress Up With Sweet Pea and Baby Sweetheart~

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Baby Sweetheart~

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Photo Giveaway~ Blog Followers

I have posted 10 photos for the giveaway.
I am looking forward to hearing from you out there!
I know that I have been abscent due to computer glitches.
But I will not leave you for to long.
In order to be placed in the giveaway you must post,and why not post on the picture that is your favorite!!
Invite your friends also to become a follower and have them choose their favorite! Oh, and why not tell me how you found my BLOG!!
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

The drawing will be on November 14.

Photo #10 Eze, France~

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Photo #9 Eze, France~

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Choice #8 Saint Remy de Provence~

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