Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yes ~ It Is Indeed True

Odd years have become years of travel abroad and this year is no different ~
I have been busy sitting at my makeshift desk with computer, searching some of my favorite sites for accommodations in the most wonderful places I can find.

Dreams can and do come true, it is just a matter of dreaming of those 'Far Away Places' and drawing the map by connecting the dots.  Of course you must do some saving and planning, and searching for just the right flight, cruise, friends to travel with you,or tour.
We like to make our way around and have rented a car which gives you complete freedom on the road and ability to reach those out of the way villages tucked away.
Lately we have traveled by train and followed the rail to unexpected places. We are doing this once again and although I have been able to plan our itinerary somewhat, I am finding the timetable of the train schedule to be a challenge. Leave point A. arrive at point B. change trains to make the next connection and arrive at point C. at what time??
How many miles can we cover in a day of travel and where should we stop for a few days to catch our breath?

My trusty turquoise Rick Steves' travel book and trusty fold out map spread over the table I search towns and cities that might be our favorites by the return home. Is there a place for us to reside ?
My favorite thing to do is to experience and make the town mine, as if I have a place there, and it is mine~ I think that is why we often return to some of our favorite spots.
We always like to return and know the lay of the land in our chosen places. We feel comfortable walking through the throngs of people with a direction and no map in hand, however it is always folded and tucked into our pocket in case we need to discover where we are.

Two years ago, I somehow discovered Air B&B and have used it in Paris, Bruges, and Nice, as well as in the United States. This company has provided some nice interchanges for people to "rent" a studio, flat, room, or B&B. I like the fact that the people that you interact with can suggest local sights and restaurants that one might miss if on the tourist track. Living in a Hotel is safe, but you miss out on the local flavor and really getting to know the place you are visiting. There are plenty of selections of  places to stay and a range of  prices to choose from. Most all accommodations have reviews of the owners and their stay and a Bio of the people you will be renting from. They can also check you out and decide if you will be a great guest, as I know you will be!

Well, I must get back to my planning and search for the best spots to make our own this trip.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blessings Come Around Full Circle

It has been some time since I have posted here at Beverly Cottage.
Our little family is growing by leaps and bounds, and we at the Cottage have been quite busy preparing for upcoming events in our life~

I posted sometime earlier about my early years and of having a son my Senior year in high school, him finding me and of our reunion~ Years have swiftly passed and my son just celebrated his 45th birthday. This evening he is to be wed to the woman of his dreams who loves him unconditionally and who uplifts and encourages him to be all that he can be.

We have been united 20 years now and have always had a wonderful blessed relationship being able to communicate openly and honestly.
When he shared of his upcoming plans and the news of a new grandbaby coming, I was overjoyed as I never thought he would find that special woman.

As wedding plans were being formed I was included in participation to be there at the ceremony~ I had imagined that someday a wedding would come about, but where would I fit into this family mix of Adopted Parents, and Birth Parent. I visualized being on the outside of the circle looking in~

Through the years of reconciliation, my son's birth family came into focus and as we met we became a cord  tightly bound as one family. This was incredible for me to  think about as we seemed to bond so easily~ As if we were long lost family, which we are in a sense. My son the catalyst.

Yesterday, I met with his birth grandmother, the woman who supported me through my pregnancy, one I felt so estranged with, because of the trouble we layed upon her.
She loves my son as her first grandson and is so proud of him. She loves me too, and as an adult and grandmother myself, I can finally apologize for the burden presented to her soul through this pregnancy~
 We have cried together, hugged each other and loved one another, strengthening the family bond, as she has traveled at the age of 89 to be witness to this marriage union today.

It was approximately 45 years to this date that I signed his papers for my son to be adopted, and today he will be beginning the start of a new life~ Stepping forward, and not looking back any longer. For he has at last achieved the happiness he has been searching for all his life.
I too am stepping forward, away from ALL shame and sadness carried through the years, as I have been given the place of honor as Mother of the Groom, Mother~in~Love to my new daughter in Love, and Grammie to my new grandbaby. I have been given the best gift from God  that has blessed my soul completely.
Today I have arrived full circle and it is quite an emotional day~

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Blue Bird Room Is Now Open

Having lived at Beverly Cottage for 35 years things start to become taken for granted.
There has been a renovation of decor over the past two years as we incorporate family pieces of yester year into the living spaces of the cottage.
We are having a Wedding this September and at the end of the month the mother of the bride and the bride are visiting for the weekend~ With their upcoming visit, I want all to be wonderfully comfortable and charming for them.
The outer ~ guest room~ The Blue Bird Room, has been vacant for some time and for the past year had become a store room for those items you just don't know what to do with and have to sift through.
Because of our upcoming guests, I was ready to re-invent the new space.
Last year I purchased some lovely bird studded wrought iron twin beds. I have been so excited to set these in the room. Finally clearing out the clutter, they have been placed and the room has been decorated to suit its theme~
I was thrilled that the room actually was put together in an afternoon! Everything just fell into place as if it had been waiting to be set.
I like that~

What do you think?