Friday, October 12, 2012


I have been decorating in my mind for some time now ~
There are of course several places in need of sprucing up. You might not think that as you walk into  the cottage, but having lived here for nearly 36 years, I know when I need to change things up!

For quite a while I have desired to attack the kitchen. I have dreamed and planned and searched. I have even made a palette of color and fabrics and floor samples.
I have decided to redecorate Country French. There are several things that need to be done to complete the look I am desiring. I am planning on refacing the cupboards and drawers. I will keep the existing hardware.
I want to replace the flooring with slate tile. I would like to have crown molding and bead board on the walls, using muted colors for the walls and off white cupboards.
The utility room will be a muted turquoise accented by the black refrigerator.

My counter tops are especially a challenge as they are 1950's yellow with Burgundy trim. Quite charming for retro, but not quite for French Country. I also have a garden window above the kitchen sink which will be a challenge.
I think that I wish to have a white subway tile back splash, or slate, but I do want a white with gray swirl marble counter top. We will see what I come up with.

I have also been looking for a sideboard for the opposing wall next to the stove to feature my tea dishes and to store other cooking items.

I have come close to settling for a buffet, but in my designer's dream it is just not right.
Of course I want to get the best price for what I want , so I continue the search~

I recently changed out my old oak dining room table for something that my mother in law had kept in her living room to display family photographs. I didn't have the heart to unload it with other items we were cleaning out for a minimum price. It had such charm~ so I have been searching for chairs that would complement the table to give the French Country look.
My daughter is currently re decorating her living room and has been looking for a hutch. In her search for her piece of furniture, she stumbled upon a table and chairs, six of them, along with a matching hutch. Bingo! Off we went to the Estate Sale and found just what both of us were looking for!
With some paint these chairs will give me just the feel I am wanting for my dining room and give me a kick start on the kitchen, as they are right next door to each other~

Give me your ideas and let me know what you think~m

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Nest Is Full With The Latest Addition To The Family

September arrived with the arrival of our latest Grand child ~ Miss Wren Elise ~
She arrived on the eve of September 4th, the same day eleven years ago that my father passed~
We celebrated her into life, as I had remembered my father's passing earlier the same day~

The wittnessing of one's grandbaby born, the beauty of the miracle of birth, is such an adorning of love in one's heart, as the first sight of God's handiwork is met with the love of the grandmothers and parents.
We have waited throughout the 8 months anticipating who this little one would be, and what name would grace this child~

Wren joins the others in her family and will grow as gracefully as her older sisters.Her brother will teach and protect her . We are Blessed ~

Lovely she is and of such great disposition. I can hardly wait to see her playing with her older sisters, Tea Party, and with her dolly~