Thursday, April 23, 2009

~ A Ginger Cat ~

I always wanted a Ginger Cat to sit on my lap as I sipped tea.
One that would find me as comforting as I would he.

He would curl into a soft little ball and purr so contently when he was so small.
I would find joy in this little gift, whiskers so tickely, pink padded paws,
What sweetness and love a kitten can give.

So majestic he would become in his years of late,
as he sat in the garden by the wrought iron gate.

Just beyond my reach, I desire to touch,
a wish, a dream, a desire of such,
a beautiful, red ginger cat did appear.
It is somebody elses sweet little dear.


Erika said...

Did you write that?

Georgia has two Ginger cats you could borrow:)

Modern Crush said...

Yes! Two Ginger cats! I have them! You could use them as stunt cats - but I see you already have a Ginger cat picture above. Lovely poem!

Vista Gal said...

Oh, just for some kitty love!

Vista Gal said...

Yes I wrote this in ode to the Ginger Cat of the park in England.
he wouldn't talk to me because I had a foreign accent, even if we were allies!

Jennipher said...

This poem would make a darling children's book. We love our kitty, Dot. She is a sweet little tabby with a limp. When she is naughty we call her, Dorothy.

Vista Gal said...

Kitties must always have a naughty spell, now and then.