Tuesday, February 19, 2008

High School Reunion!

Yesterday I was contacted by someone from my graduating class giving me information about our upcoming 40th high school reunion.
As I conversed with this woman who had no idea who I was and I her, I reflected back to last year when my husband was contacted for his 40th.

We or at least I was indifferent to going because I had stated after his last reunion, that I would not be attending his next one, due to the fact that he was active in sports in high school and all the jocks hung around and reminiced about the old days and plays on the field.

I had really nothing in common with the girls there, and they graciously invited me into the pictures they were snapping for their memory books, but we were never contacted to be offered any of these pictures after the reunion. I guess that they wanted to remember him, but we didn't really need to remember them.

I actually got a kick out of one couple, on their second marriage, who met at a dancing class.
They danced every dance like professionals and kept me entertained for some time.
They were sitting at our table, so I was able to hear their story.
Needless to say, I didn't want to replay this evening once again at another time and another place.

It turned out that we had a previous commitment and we opted out.
After our 30th reunion I felt that that was probably the last one I would attend.

The truth be told, I attended this high school only 4 months. Does this mean that this is my Alma Mater?
I left abruptly and relocated to Hawaii where 5 months later I gave birth to my first child, who I have been reunited with for 15 years now. He too is turning 40 this year!

I was so thrilled at the 10th reunion that I had been accepted as a classmate and contacted!
I didn't attend the reunion because my husband was away at summer camp for the National Guard. I didn't want people to think that we might be having marital problems, as most my friends knew him from high school.

When I returned I found that my yearbook which was ordered and paid for was no longer waiting for me. I spent the following years meeting people from my class and area and managed to have a fun, altered time in the late 60's and early 70's.
I met my husband, after graduating, and,who incidently was my next door neighbor.

As we matured we grew into responsibility, through work and marriage and family and for us, a strong relationship with the Lord. I attribute my success in life to the latter.

Getting back to the reunion, as I went to the web page and looked through the pictures of people who had already posted their information, I got nostalgic and even wanted to contact these people to say "Hi", wondering if they would remember me, and what would I say?

I thought about this on a long drive last night and reflected upon my feelings:
Why should I feel insecure meeting up with these people after all these years?

Is it important to get together with them now?

Did they feel our friendship was meaningful looking back now? Do they ever wonder what happened to....? What are they doing now?

In the past I would have liked to see them to parade my accomplishments before all to show my success.

How I look, and what I have accomplished in this life has a lot to do with this also....
What do they care how I look?
I am successful, happily married 35 years, have a loving relationship and wonderful husband, a lovely home and four successful, happy children and two darling grandchildren, the light of my life.
We are retired, and have been able to travel and see the world.
What am I worried about in meeting these people?
I am happy in my skin... I am having a wonderful life!
If only those unwanted pounds would just magically vanish.....

Oh, well, I have 5 months to work on that and to decide if I want to attend one more time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine Puzzle

I wrote a sincere Valentine's day message to you all and it was sent out encripted!!
There is one message that decodes it .
I am hoping that this message is in English. Please let me know.
I tried to see where you go to change the encription,and am puzzled as to how to change it back.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am so thankful for my loved ones and friends.
Love and friendship are what make our hearts and lives full. It is by giving to others that we feel real friendship and love.
By taking the time to let others know that they are special to you.
So, with that said, I want everyone that reads this to know that they have a special part in my life and place in my heart and that I am sending you LOVE this Valentine's Day. ~M~

Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Kick It Up A Notch"

Tuesday I went for an appointment to my new doctor.
We have recently changed Health Care providers and because of a long history with medical issues I needed to be seen for a blood panel.
Things ran smoothly, save for the restroom issue,(see previous blog), and that I felt like I was the new kid at school, not knowing where anything was or what the procedures were.
Quickly, the following day I received a call from the nurse telling me that all was well with my meds and that I can happily return Next year for the same routine, however there was discussion about doing more exercise. "Just kick it up a notch", she said.
I have battled the weight issue my entire adult life, it isn't that I don't want to be slim and wonderful... I have the wonderful part down, it's just the slim part that I deal with daily!!
I have been using my daughter and grandkids to motivate me to walk when she isn't working.
The kids are getting heavier and the double stroller weighs a ton as we push up the monumental hill that challenges us. The problem is that we stopped between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the kids kept gaining weight.
We were hitting the hill with three trips up and down. Now we are almost back to the challenge of three times. Maybe next week.
At any rate, I will TRY to kick it up a notch.