Friday, December 17, 2010

Memories of Christmas Past Brought Present~

As the years slip past I look at Christmas through memories of Christmases past. As I gather the decorations that have been stashed for the year, and ramble through the carefully wrapped and packaged boxes of wreaths and garlands and Nutcrackers, I spot those items that spark heartfelt memories of Christmases past.

I come from a Military family who moved frequently, memories of first Christmases bring thoughts of standing in front of the cookie cutter 1950's home, dressed in my fancy Christmas finest,squinting, trying to keep from blinking as the operator of the brownie instamatic tried to get their best shot to capture the memory for the future.

In First grade the teacher thought of a clever item for the class to make and take.
A "Sputnik". The first Satalite to be put into space that year. We proudly made ours by spray painting a jack ball silver and sticking toothpicks into it then pouring every young childs fantasy, silver glitter all over to make it sparkle!
This little trinket lasted way past my years of living at home and even through having my own little ones bringing their own treasures to adorn the tree.
Until one day I sadly discovered my father had cleansed the boxes of adorns for the tree and alas my dear sputnik had seen it's last holiday. I was broken hearted.

Other Christmas memories are of driving madly across the country to relocate to Conneticut, 4 children in the back of a Country Squire Station Wagon. Our Christmas was in a Motel and Santa came bringing a Mr. Machine for my little brother and Chatty Cathy's for my sisters. I got a much desired transistor radio with earphones
and used it as we buzzed from town to towntrying to locate the nearest radio signal.

In years reciently past I have had the opportunity of learning to make small Feather trees. Quite an endevour, and a challenge. My desire is to make one, but not this year. This year I decided to make tinsel trees and adorn them with vintage orniments to compliment them. They have the flavor of the 1950's and are a delight!

I found a design that caught my eye in a magazine and set out to create it. I found a darling two tiered antique table at a sale on the side of the road for $5.00 and brought it home and added trim around the edge of the table. Bought snow cotton to place on the top of the two tiers placed my tinsel tree in the center and Vola!
I especially like the little antique clip on birds that I found on e-bay! Enjoy~