Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring, Tra~la~

We Are Amongst the Spring Blossom At Beverly Cottage~

~Welcome to the garden at Beverly Cottage~
We are in full bloom here and the birdsong fills the air at dawn awaking us to the beauty of nature, surrounding us~
This morning I poured my cup of coffee and stepped outside to sit in the amphitheatre of the garden to enjoy the symphony of music sung by my feathered sweets. It was amazingly awesome as they twittered,tweeted,trilled and did their best to attract and announce that they were there and owned the property they were perching near.
~What a wonderful way to start the day~ Splendour~
The morning mist kissed the petals of the blossoms blooming in the garden, and as I stepped through to the flower beds~
I met each flower with great expectation as to the loveliness it was going to provide.
I delighted in the vibrant color and am learning to love flowers that I never had time for.
The musty fragrance of the geranium which has always been a turn off to me, now causes me to turn my head in amazement at the beautiful shades and hues they provide.
These flowers as easily plucked and stuck into the dirt and they grow abundantly!
The Nasturtium, that has been a favorite and vintage flower in the garden, provides darling fairy umbrella leaves that capture the dew drops. The orange and yellow trailing flowers grace the garden wall and frame the beauty of the front yard, welcoming visitors.
The ever faithful lavender provides a lovely backdrop to the back garden along the picket fence. The Fourth of July rose that climbs the arbor and welcomes you into the back garden is filled with buds and blooms, and showers the garden with fallen petals. This is where you can find my darling granddaughter as she collects the fresh fallen petals for her special facials.
This is our nature haven, where I am so pleased to hear the birdsong and discover in delight a new bird and look forward to the return of the Monarch butterfly.
The eggs are being nested and the soft squeak of the hatch lings calling out to their mommies and daddies to place food into their beaks fills the air and I know without a doubt~ that it is spring at Beverly Cottage!