Monday, March 30, 2009

The Arobr Has Come Alive With Beautius Bloom !

Just in the span of three days the rose arbor has come to life with fantastic beautiful bloom.
I have two Fourth Of July climbing roses on each side of the arbor climbing up to the sky.
Each flower is slightly different and delights the eye with it's striped pattern of red, pink, white, or yellow variations.
I am in love!
Here is a poem by Sara Teasdale that captures the emotion of viewing these lovelies being visited by the most darling bee busily going about it's business gathering pollen to make the most delicious honey.
The Rose and The Bee

If I were a bee and you were a rose,
Would you let me in when the gray wind blows?
Would you hold your petals wide apart,
Would you let me in to find your heart,
If you were a rose?

If I were a rose and you were a bee,
You should never go when you came to me,
I should hold my love on my heart at last,
I should close my leaves and keep you fast,
If you were a bee.

Sara Teasdale

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Days of the Past

As a child visiting Disneyland, besides driving the Autopia cars on the "real roads" that resembled freeways, one of my favorite rides was Story Book Land, the one that you ride in boats through Monstro the whale's mouth , magically you are in a place of the Lilliputian . I loved the quilted countryside, the miniature homes and burrows that the animals and story book people lived in.
I think this is why these pictures of Bourton on the Water are so dear!
The model village is 1.10 replica of the village an is found at the Old New Inn . It was built during the early 30's by the Inn owner and craftsmen, made of cotswold stone, and opened in 1937.
When I am driving through my hometown that has many cactus farms, I remember those quilted gardens from the past and love to see the patterns made on the hillsides. Maybe this is part of the reason I love to make quilts!!
I am currently preparing to make a miniature scene for a project with my doll club, Rag Doll Construction Company. I am thinking of using a Betrix Potter character.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bourton on the Water

Believe it or not, I ran across this sweet, quaint village in Victoria Magazine years and years ago.
A fantasy of a dream that one day I might walk among these darling places and take in the thrill of the English country side.
My dear Mother in law was traveling abroad to the Cotswolds and I urged her to plan a visit to this village.
The artistic placement of the slate roofs that repel the drops of rain on a usual day here, down to the meticulous landscaping add to the dream of romance in my heart.
Truth be told, this is an actual minature village of the village!
I had to make it a must when I was planing my holiday, and I was not disappointed.
I hope that it thrills you just as much as it did the first time I looked upon this darling place in the Victoria!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring in England

Oh to venture beyond the gate.

Spring is Here

It is evident that Spring has arrived.
We greet her happily and anxiously,looking forward to warmer sunnier days and plenty of outside activity.
The blossoms are in bud and the rose bower at Beverly Cottage is covered with new blossoms forming. The scent of the orange blossoms in intoxicating as walked into the outer yard this morning with the grandchildren. The chamomile is sprouting for the little bunnies soon to appear from their burrow beneath the shed in the back will feast on this delicate ground cover. The bees were busily collecting their pollen from the extravaganza of bloom of a delicate purple flower appearing as a carpet in the yard.
I wish that it could always be Spring here in my garden. I am hoping for a nice warm day for our family get together this Easter so that everyone will be able to enjoy this splendor!

I have been thinking of the arrival of Spring and have decided to hunt up some of my pictures taken in the Spring of 2005 while on a holiday to England.
I will feature these periodically this month in celebration and share my view of these lovely pictures captured here and in my mind.

My heart yearns to live here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fairy Duster

One More, Just For Fun.

This flower is called a Fairy Duster, and I am in love with it.

The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring, Tra La!


We just got back from our annual desert trek. This year we stayed for two weeks!!
When looking upon two weeks going into the trip I wondered if it might be a little too much time. It turned out to be short. We were not ready to come back!!
The peace that you find while there and the quiet renews spirit and soul. The colors the mountains take on at sunrise and sunset are so pleasing and refreshing. The clouds hung on the ridge of the mountains as if to try to hold them back in frivolous fancy as if they were playing with each other.
The wind howled as it showed its fierce power as it blew gusts past our fifth wheel, but for most of our days we had perfect weather.
The moon was only a sliver of a fingernail followed by beautiful Venus as they both set behind the mountain ridge, as an opening to the vast array of sparkling diamonds cast across the night sky, and then a week later the appearance of the full moon which lit up the desert inviting you to walk along and enjoy the silhouette of the occotillo and those beautiful mountains surounding us.
One night we sat at a campfire and laughed as we witnessed the kangaroo rats hopping and jumping as they challenged each other for collecting strewn birdseed from the bird feeder.
I had never seen this before. What entertainment!
The wild flowers were once again on display to our enjoyment, and we actually took time to stop and photograph them for hours on end, having a personal contest to see who got the best shot.
Steve is now becoming a photographer.
On hikes and walks it is as if God has planted His garden here.It is here for our pleasure.Everywhere I look I am in awe of the beauty of this desert!
I even took the time to draw and paint. While I was busy doing this a Jackrabbit ambled by,as though it didn't bother him to share his home with me for the time.
Great times, great friends, great pictures!
The Big Horn sheep, the Borrego, were there, however how we tried to find them, they did not come to the water while we hiked.
I can't wait until next year! Come with us!