Monday, March 30, 2009

The Arobr Has Come Alive With Beautius Bloom !

Just in the span of three days the rose arbor has come to life with fantastic beautiful bloom.
I have two Fourth Of July climbing roses on each side of the arbor climbing up to the sky.
Each flower is slightly different and delights the eye with it's striped pattern of red, pink, white, or yellow variations.
I am in love!
Here is a poem by Sara Teasdale that captures the emotion of viewing these lovelies being visited by the most darling bee busily going about it's business gathering pollen to make the most delicious honey.
The Rose and The Bee

If I were a bee and you were a rose,
Would you let me in when the gray wind blows?
Would you hold your petals wide apart,
Would you let me in to find your heart,
If you were a rose?

If I were a rose and you were a bee,
You should never go when you came to me,
I should hold my love on my heart at last,
I should close my leaves and keep you fast,
If you were a bee.

Sara Teasdale

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Sfaulk said...

So beautiful and tender. Thanks for sharing...Love to you my dear friend.