Wednesday, September 05, 2007

One Week and Counting

In one week we will be embarking on our trip.
Today we called Croatia and spoke to a friend's cousin that lives in the same town as we do part of the year.
He gave us information that we thought might be the case in traveling around the country.
We will contact them when we arrive to settle plans to visit the island of Vis.
We ordered a DVD of Rick Steves on Croatia. It is going to be a beautiful trip. I can see that we will have to do a return trip to take in more of the sights and Countries in the surrounding area, because we definitely do not have enough time to see it all.
It is time to focus on packing and getting the various items together that we will be needing.
Tomorrow, I am going to get my hair cut short for the trip.
I am not worried about this, but I think that all who see me will be shocked because I have been letting my hair grow out!
With this horrible heat spell I cannot stand it any longer and know that it will be extremely easier to manage while abroad.
Ciao for now!