Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paige Emmaline Celebrating Our Birthday~

Miss Paige Emmaline Requests The honour Of Your Presence....

June 23 has always been my day of celebration.
This year I celebrated a monumental birthday, with a little help from my friends and the gift of a very special Grand daughter, it has been the most wonderful day I have ever experienced!!

Because of her expected arrival near the end of the month, plans for celebrating had to be re-arranged. Social events basically were put on hold, or moved to earlier in the month so that I could be available for my sweet daughter and the grand kids, and in case the baby came early.

There was talk of the possibility of her being induced on my birthday, however, my daughter really wanted to wait for the baby to come on her own.

We received the telephone call early Wednesday morning at 4:30a.m. alerting us that today, my birthday, was the day this sweet child would be born.
We arrived at the hospital shortly after 6:00 and Paige Emmaline arrived at 8:33.
She is our third Grandchild. Each one of them very dear to my heart. The sweetest is that we will always share this day and it will always be a special bond between us.

As I held her in my arms tonight I marveled at the handiwork of our Almighty God and thank Him for sending her to us to care for and teach. There will be wonderful times ahead that we will experience and share, and I am so excited to see this little girl explore and discover life!
And I will be there alongside her all the way!!<3

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

~ Carey Get Out Your Cane ~

37 years ago today, my Honey and I made a vow to Love, Honor and Cherish each other.
Looking back upon these years that have managed to shuffle by like cards in a deck, I see the events of our lives being systematically stacked together, one upon another.
We have enjoyed each other,given,taken and loved. Our secret? Honoring who we are and liking and respecting one another.We have learned this through the leading and our walk with the Lord.
Today, after meeting with others at Prayer Point and Coffee at McDonalds, we took our brisk walk along the sea wall.
I brought along my bathing suit and tan lotion and we headed down to the beach to get some sand between our toes.
The salt air carries promises of a great summer here, if I will commit to visiting.
We are basically alone here this morning. There are some early vacationers that stroll along the water break. CAUTION!!! SUNSCREEN REQUIRED!!! Cover your freshly buzzed head!
I long to linger and be sun drenched, walk into town barefooted,sporting that bohemian skirt, for a fish taco and some salsa.
Carey, get out your cane and I'll put on my finest silver~
Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell. Where is that album anyway? I must search for it on Amazon!
My birthday fast approaching, the world at my command, my beach combing honey at my side, I must gather my belongings and climb up the bank to "Walter" my ever faithful '67 V.W.! Ban the Bars!!!