Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vote for your favorite

Let me know which doll is YOUR favorite!

Patriotic Tassel Doll

This doll has the same feel as The Columbian doll.
It is made to symbolize Love of our country with the feel of early Americana, much like the Wooden Indians that stood in front of the Tobacco Stores.

The Golly Doll

Another pattern by doll maker, Karen Cunagin, Golly was a prominent character of Children's stories in England. One of his friends was a peg doll. One that I hope someday to make.

The Queen Ann Doll

This doll is another favorite of mine.
I didn't say, but both this doll and the Columbian Doll, made of cloth, have been jessoed and painted to provide a firm foundation.
I especially enjoded picking out the fabric to adorn her, her hair and her face.

The Godey Lady

The Godey Lady doll was a pass around doll.She was inspired by the Godey's Lady's Book, a publication beginning in 1840. It was a prominent monthly subscription for ladies of the day, to educate the total woman and help provide her with solutions to the challenges of everyday life. Each issue $3.00 or $27.50 for a year's subscription, included works of fiction, the latest fashion. recipes for cleaning and cooking, educational activities foe children, and the exchange of ideas among their readership. Articles attempted to keep women appraised of technical developments, such as the sewing machine, the latest medical information, home remedies and advice.
Each month each member received a different member's doll to add a piece of clothing, or orniment or accessory that fit with the dolls theme. At the end of the year we received our dolls complete.

Some Kinda China Doll

This doll pattern was created by a friend, Karen Cunigan.
Her body is embroidered with the "Unmentionables".
I like her lovely face. She is made of damask fabric to give the feel of porcelain.

Bride Doll

This doll was imaged after my daughter and made from remnants of her wedding dress train.
The wedding dress is a replica of the dress that she wore on her wedding day.
My grandaughter is especially fond of this doll.

Little Red Riding Hood

She speaks for herself.

Miss Columbia

Miss Columbia is one of the most challenging and my all time favorite doll.
One of our dear doll friends, and Doll Artist, Conni Tognoli, was asked to re-create the famous Columbian doll created at 1900 by Emma Adams.
This famed doll circumvented the globe to raise funds for Childrens Chairities in the years 1900-1902. Her first visit was to San Diego's Hotel Del Coronado. A trunk and journal accompanied her in her travels.
The original Miss Columbia is on display at the Wenham Museum, Wenham, Massachusetts.

Roberta Rose

Doll Club member and doll artist, Pat Saunders designed this doll and it was features in Cloth Doll Magazine shortly after our club was formed. She chose one of our members name for the doll.

Black Folk Dolls

Well known Southern Californian doll and Bear artist, Flore Emory taught us in a workshop her way of creating the black cloth folk doll.

This doll "Emma"was inspired by a friend who wore her hair in plaits and used different color rubber bands to tie them. It was very colorful!

Rag Doll Construction Company

In 1999 I joined as newly formed doll club, Rag Doll Construction Company, a group of women who create dolls from cloth.
I joined not because I wanted to make dolls, but I had a fascination in black folk dolls and this group knew a woman who is a known bear and black folk doll maker. I didn't want to pass up this chance, so I plunged in!

We are a sisterhood of girlfriends who share the joy of creating cloth dolls.
We meet monthly working on projects set up at the beginning of the year and have a yearly doll challenge.We collaborate with each other and take classes and field trips and enjoy each others company. Sadly through these years we have lost two members to cancer.They are still near and dear to our hearts, and greatly missed.

I m going to share some of the dolls I have made over these years.
I hope that you will enjoy the tours.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Some of My Favorite Things

Have you ever looked for faux bird nests to purchase at Michaels?
I cannot find them. Even searching online. I
I have collected quite a few over the past years at Beverly Cottage and I love their cozy feel.
I receintly made some centerpieces out of the ones I had collected and Vola!
I just love them!

Have You Heard?

The princess is coming over tomorrow!
This is what we did two weeks ago, What will we do tomorrow?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This week we were invited to the city for a two day get away.
It is always fun to get away with friends and we jumped at the chance to be tourists in our own Vacation land!
We took in a rather dismal Padre game,but it was just fun to be in the ball park and view the players with the skyline in the background.
We lounged by the pool and walked along the Embarcadero.
Tuesday we lunched at Tom Hams with a delicious buffet lunch and great skyline view of the city, and then in the evening we boarded the Hornblower and cruised the bay with two of our favorite friends entertaining us and hundreds of others ina promotion put on by KPRI, Summer Musical Evenings.
Sara Watkins,and her brother Sean are friends of the family,and now that the kids are out of our home, we hardly have the opportunity to see them! What a great night it was to be among their fans and hear their music!
Sara has a new album out produced by John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin fame.
Lovely music, beautiful clear sweet voiced Sara.
Great evening! Great getaway, great friends!