Thursday, April 23, 2009

~ A Ginger Cat ~

I always wanted a Ginger Cat to sit on my lap as I sipped tea.
One that would find me as comforting as I would he.

He would curl into a soft little ball and purr so contently when he was so small.
I would find joy in this little gift, whiskers so tickely, pink padded paws,
What sweetness and love a kitten can give.

So majestic he would become in his years of late,
as he sat in the garden by the wrought iron gate.

Just beyond my reach, I desire to touch,
a wish, a dream, a desire of such,
a beautiful, red ginger cat did appear.
It is somebody elses sweet little dear.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Listen... Do You Want To Know A Secret ?

Two weeks ago, my husband and I drove out to visit our youngest son.
He lives near Palm Springs and as we drove we saw billboards for an upcoming concert that Paul McCartney was preforming.
WOW! Paul McCartney?? Was this a dream??

It seemed out of the question that I would be able to attend this event.
I mentioned it to my son while we were visiting, thinking that Paul must be playing at one of the Casinos out there, that he could accompany me to this event and that as a son who loved his mom, he owed it to me to do this one "little thing", and that was that.
Well forgetting about the concert, Steve was listening to the radio Saturday morning and they were mentioning it and this big music festival that they have in the valley out there.
Later talking to our son, my husband mentioned it once again to our son.

Last night as we were sleeping, the telephone rang and we are shocked out of a deep sleep.
Wildly reaching for the phone, wondering who could be calling, and fearing the worst, it was our son.

Bless his heart, he was calling to share the concert with me from his i -phone!!
There was Paul's voice singing "Blackbird"! I listened through three songs, the second a song "For John", and yet another that I did not recognize.
What a wonderful thing for my son to do! I had tears in my eyes as I listened to the perfect melody and music coming through his telephone broadcast! Even my husband could hear it clearly!

You see, 45 years ago , on February 11, I was a lucky young girl who lived outside Washington D.C. My mother bought 5 tickets for me and my girlfriends to go to the very first Beatles concert in the United States!!
It was at the Washington Coliseum. The tickets cost a whopping $4.00!! Actually the ticket cost $3.73 with .27 federal tax!!
We had orchestra seats in the 5th row!!!
Yes, I was one of those screaming girls in the documentary, although I have never been able to find myself and my group of young friends.

What a wonderful experience! Don't you think that Paul might want to meet a fan from the first?
How many times has he run into someone who has been to their first American concert??

Anyone who knows Paul might ask him, as this has been a dream of mine for 45 years. You see, Paul has ALWAYS been MY favorite!! ~M~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Castle Coombe


Have you ever looked into a picture and said,"I want to go there"?
Feeling the romance that the picture shares. The thought that you could be walking down that lane or crossing that bridge or even walking through that door?

I had this feeling every time I walked into Kinkos to have copies made.
I did not frequent this establishment often, but on occasion I have walked in and been awe struck by a certain photograph enlarged, most certainly to advertise that they do this work there. Perhaps you have seen this photograph there.
There was never any advertisement or price quote or even a hint of where this enchanted place was, but I was enthralled with the village that was it's subject.
I never once asked anyone working there if they knew where this enchanting village could be found, and truthfully, as soon as I walked from the store, it was forgotten.

On my many hours of planing this holiday to the United Kingdom, (see previous posts), I had collected some darling drawn postcards of the south of England. They seemed so quaint and dear to me, and secretly, some day I wished to be placed in that postcard setting.
One only had to turn the card over to discover the names of these delightful wall lined lanes with their rock faced cottages, look these tiny villages up on a map and bingo find a B&B in the area where we could call home.

Nettleton Mill was just the place for us!
This place was one of those you stumble upon on the internet and wonder, is this the place?
An old mill that backed up to a gorgeous golf course and at the other end the quaint village of Castle Coombe.

The directions to Nettleton Mill were as reads: Down the road, up the lane into the dell, and up the hill. Brillant!
Are you starting to feel a bit like Alice?

The walk to Castle Coombe was through the wood and the golf course into the village lane.
Daffodils were scattered blooming throughout the grounds and in my heart I longed to pick each one and carry them in my arms. We had the entire area to ourselves to explore and enjoy. Me with my camera, Steve wishing he had some golf clubs.

The village was so charming. Not a soul was to be found on the lanes or in the fields. Perhaps it was the weather,or most worked away from their village, we do not know, but we took that walk into the village twice. It was all our own!

Some months later I needed to have some copies made at Kinkos and as I walked into the store, there was the picture I so enjoyed looking at. As I looked this time I stopped in my tracks!!
This was the very Castle Coombe, our very own village we freely wandered through without a sign of an inhabitant! We were taken there through my wish, and I didn't even know it!

I hope that you are as enthralled with the pictures as I was being there taking them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Puddletown, England

Four years ago we traveled abroad and one of our destinations was River Cottage, Puddletown, on the River Piddle in Dorset, England.
While preparing our visit I pulled out the atlas and map of the United Kingdom and searched over the south of England to choose our holiday sites. What excitement to choose a village and not really know a thing about it. Search out B&B's and locate one just right for you to complete your dream of dreams.

One literally feels like you are Alice in Wonderland, with directions and a map in hand following lines and going through the round about, perhaps twice to get your bearings to head in the right direction. It is a wonder when you find the very spot you have been dreaming of and planning for so many months. Surprised that we actually did arrive at the place!

Ariving at River Cottage was indeed magical.
Walking through the arbour and the wonderfully green, spring garden I felt like I was visiting my best freind's home.

The garden invited me to come and sit and enjoy the Jonquils and puddleducks that waddled through the grass on their march to the flowing Piddle River meandering through the property.
There was a white pidgeon who claimed the great white bird house. It gave me the feeling of happiness here.

Our hosts made us feel at home in their home, giving us suggestions on where we might like to visit and inviting us into their livingroom, sharing the warmth of their hearth and conversation.

Once in a while I hear from Teresa in an e-mail. I like to think that we are friends across the miles. I wish that one day we could host she and Tony, her husband here at Beverly Cottage.
The garden now green and the rose arbor in full bloom reminds me of our visit to River Cottage, not so long ago, but in a dream......