Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Winner Takes It All

I've been on many little excursions this past month.
When I returned from a Labor Day jaunt up to Big Bear, Iwas told several of my friends had gone back to see " Momma Mia! Sing Along"!!! What?!! You can actually belt out the tunes as the actors sing? Yes, it's true, the words are up on the screen for you to read as you sing along! Like Karaoke!
One more reason to return and have a blast!!
ABBA must be raking in the dough as this seems to be a big hit with my crowd.
Next, we will see ABBA hit the concert circuit. The Winner Takes it All!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Whole lot of Love

I recently went to a wedding of a life long friend of my son's.

I knew that there was a good chance that there could be music celebs there because this little lass, who was the bride is quite a musician.

I put my specks on and kept my ears open to hear that John Paul Jones, base player of Led Zepplin was indeed present, and wow, oh wow, I couldn't believe that approximately 38 years ago I stood at the front of the stage where they were preforming!!!

I loved Led Zepplin! In fact their first album I bought and played on my new super Realistic stereo. Good Times Bad Times.

Then a week later, watching the closing of the Olympics, there was Jimmy Paige playing his guitar!
They both matched, 38 years later! I had to laugh!

Here he was at this wedding, a friend of the musicians, but amongst the guests with his wife, and they were relatively incognito , not really knowing anyone, and so for a while they sat by themselves eating. What a perfect chance was passed up by staying seated with the people we were sitting with. I think that we could have offered to join them and it would have been just fine.
I let my stage struck fan let the chance go by. Also my friends didn't seem to keen on it.
I guess 5 of us coming over to their table would have seemed too much of a plot.

Oh, yes, and Fiona Apple was there too. Afterwards we were treated to the musicians jamming for quite a long time!

What a fine time we had!