Monday, January 23, 2012

Le Nouveau Salle de Bain ~

The other day as I was sprucing myself up in the 'powder room', and decided I needed a new look for the little room so often visited ~ I try to keep my home decorated in a pleasing visual, so as one enters the cottage, they feel relaxed and have a tranquil enjoyable visit~ I decided to bring some 'French influence' into the 'powder room'~ I added one of my photographs of the Eiffel Tower in all her splendor on the wall complementing the charcol birdbath drawing my daughter in law made for me for Christmas ~ I added a fleur de lis hook I found on a walk one day and hung a sweet little black pocketbook with a little bling upon it~ I love my blush towels that accent the walls, but decided that a contrast of black towels would help in bringing a 'POP' to the whole ambience, but there was still a little something missing ~ I thought hard trying to figure out what was missing and decided I needed a small bench on which I could place extra folded towels on and disply them as if in a garden setting~ I knew the perfect item for the space~ The problem is that it is such a tiny space~ I knew just what it needed ~ A metal french embellished garden seat~ Finding one would be the problem~ I set out to look for the said item, trying to find what I had drawn up in my mind~ One could not be found, but searching was fun and I finally came up with an alternative choice~ In Escondido,California, there is a great place called Urban Barn~ A warehouse stocked and staged full of wonderful Shabby Chic and Vintage as well as French Influenced items ~ As I wandered around I came upon a sweet cream colored child's garden chair~ Would it work in my small space? Would it accomidate the folded towels? Would it create the feeling I was trying to acheive~ Absolutely! Now that is is sitting so sweetly in it's spot, I wonder if I should paint it black, or leave it in it's lovely soft cream color~ What do you think? I welcome your comments~

Monday, January 02, 2012

There's More Than Meets The Eye Here~

Hello all ~
Happy 2012!!
I will be focusing more on Beverly Cottage this 2012~ But did you know that there is more for you on my travels and photography? It can be found on my link to Bella Italia and Dreams of Far Away~
Here I have bloged the travels of my husband,Steve and I as we started our first travels and life in Tunisia in 1973~
We  receintly returned from a trip to Europe which is posted there of 5  countries along with photographs.
If you join Bella Itallia as a follower I will enter you in a drawing for a photograph of your choice.

I do love to hear from you. I do so enjoy your comments ~