Saturday, August 18, 2007


Travel planning takes up a vast part of your life as you sit at the computer.
The great thing is that you have the world at your fingertips and receive answers(usually) within 24 hours.

We have the trip planned up to Croatia. We will arrive in Split by car ferry,overnight accommodations, at 6:00 a.m. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, (yea,right), and ready to take on the country!

The plan hasn't been cemented, we might just go with the flow and see where the breezes take us. We know that we definately want to spend several days in Dubrovinic, as it is a living fairy tale, as Rick Steves puts it!

We have a friend who's Aunt and Uncle summer on an island off of Split, and I am waiting to hear if we hear from them. They happen to live in the same town as we do and it would be so fantastic to see the island with them, as their family originated from this island.

The problem is that the ferrys do not run as you might wish them to as it is going off season, and we don't know the typical run of the boats.
Trying to plan when we travel to another place here is quite "iffy", so maybe we will just wait and see when we arrive.

Up the coast to Pula and Rovinj for another beautiful town on the Adriatic and Pula for some Roman Ruins,(they have a Roman Amphitheater there), Rovinj for a taste of extreme romance, and we know that we all need this, a Venietian-style coastal town, then on to Trieste and Venice for a few more romantic days and nights before heading home.

I was thinking as I was putting printed material that I had found on various Italian accommodations etc., that I should make available these findings for people to cut the time of searching down for them, the cost of $3.00 per page printed and then they could investigate the places of interest and book on their own.

Last year I helped 3 people plan their Italian vacations.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Keeping busy watching grandchildren, planning surprise parties at church and planning a wonderful vacation take up most of the time these days.

I glance back to my blog sadly to see there is only one remark to my inspired writing and stroke of a miracle.


We now have two reservations in Italy. We are returning to Florence to the place we have stayed in the past. I am determined to go to the street fair where I found the greatest primitive oils from an artist who used masonite, cardboard and wood in which to paint these scenes of Tuscany for my remembrance. They are now formally framed with custom frames and gracing the walls in my hallway. I will take pictures of my paintings and retrace my steps to the Saturday outdoor market and see if I can locate the painter, possibly purchase another painting and find out about this person!
Venice is a bit harder to get into this time. It seems that the Venice Film Festival is going on when we are there. I haven't given up hope though.
I am waiting yet one more day to book a place there because we have yet to secure our plane tickets!!! Yikes!!! let's get this party started!!

We want to go to Croatia also, and this is like totally blind planning for me.
I want to just go and ,make plans as we mosey along, but then the planner part of me needs to know that we have a place on the ferry and a date and time.

Croatia is a beautiful place, yet I haven't seen or heard much about it.
Does anyone out there know anyone who has been there? Have any of you traveled there?

I will keep you posted on our further adventures as time progresses.