Saturday, April 18, 2009

Listen... Do You Want To Know A Secret ?

Two weeks ago, my husband and I drove out to visit our youngest son.
He lives near Palm Springs and as we drove we saw billboards for an upcoming concert that Paul McCartney was preforming.
WOW! Paul McCartney?? Was this a dream??

It seemed out of the question that I would be able to attend this event.
I mentioned it to my son while we were visiting, thinking that Paul must be playing at one of the Casinos out there, that he could accompany me to this event and that as a son who loved his mom, he owed it to me to do this one "little thing", and that was that.
Well forgetting about the concert, Steve was listening to the radio Saturday morning and they were mentioning it and this big music festival that they have in the valley out there.
Later talking to our son, my husband mentioned it once again to our son.

Last night as we were sleeping, the telephone rang and we are shocked out of a deep sleep.
Wildly reaching for the phone, wondering who could be calling, and fearing the worst, it was our son.

Bless his heart, he was calling to share the concert with me from his i -phone!!
There was Paul's voice singing "Blackbird"! I listened through three songs, the second a song "For John", and yet another that I did not recognize.
What a wonderful thing for my son to do! I had tears in my eyes as I listened to the perfect melody and music coming through his telephone broadcast! Even my husband could hear it clearly!

You see, 45 years ago , on February 11, I was a lucky young girl who lived outside Washington D.C. My mother bought 5 tickets for me and my girlfriends to go to the very first Beatles concert in the United States!!
It was at the Washington Coliseum. The tickets cost a whopping $4.00!! Actually the ticket cost $3.73 with .27 federal tax!!
We had orchestra seats in the 5th row!!!
Yes, I was one of those screaming girls in the documentary, although I have never been able to find myself and my group of young friends.

What a wonderful experience! Don't you think that Paul might want to meet a fan from the first?
How many times has he run into someone who has been to their first American concert??

Anyone who knows Paul might ask him, as this has been a dream of mine for 45 years. You see, Paul has ALWAYS been MY favorite!! ~M~


Modern Crush said...

That is so cool!

Linda said...

LOL!!! Yes, Paul was my favorite, too. I would've loved to have gone to a concert in the 60's! I'm sure Paul would love to meet us. I think the TIME IS RIGHT now.