Monday, January 31, 2011

I've Chosen Emerald Green Carpets For My New Room

The weather here has been magnificent the past few days, warm and balmy. We have to be reminded to put a coat on if we will be out past sunset, as the evenings cool down quite a bit.
I have been enjoying my outdoor room by reading in the sunshine and discovering the wonders of nature's beauty~
It invited me into my newly emerald carpeted room Saturday. I stepped barefooted onto the soft spring shoots of ground cover, recently produced by showers of rain that have been coming our way, more often than of past years, and into the room nature has given us, with my camera ready to record the greatness that has been going on through this winter.
The flowers are trying their best to use the nourishment of this rain to bring Spring our way soon.
The arbor even has presented a rose or two, promising that it will burst forth with glory soon with more sunny weather.
The citrus trees are laden with abundant fruit. The lemon has already given of her fruit for me to make batches of fresh Lemon Curd for future tea parties at Beverly Cottage this Spring.
The lime ,tangerine and orange as well~
The orange tree bid me under it's umbrella of branches and verdant leaves to view it's orange orbs hanging from limb, waiting for a few more weeks sweetness. I felt as a child and wanted to lay under it's shade and gaze up waiting for a bird to land and sing it's sweet song ,and smell the sweetness of the orange blossoms promising next year's crop.
The bees are busy doing their work as well~ pollinating and gathering from the pink and purple lavender along the picket fence.
The vegetable garden has been turned and awaits it's time to burst forth with seeds of delicious bounty~ But that is for yet another post~
Yes, I am enjoying my new emerald green carpets here at Beverly Cottage~

Monday, January 17, 2011

California Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

Yesterday was a magnificent day.The weather was a dreamy warm one, which we haven't had in quite a while. The warm weather invited and drew us out to enjoy its splendour.
We decided to take the local Sprinter to the ocean which is an easy 15 minute drive, but made an afternoon of it by using public transportation.
Having lived here in Southern California for 37 years, we become complacent in having the beach at our bare toes and tend to stay in our comfortable back yard and home and pass the day away. Not today!
We left, camera in hand and pedometer set, to take a lovely walk along the strand and out on the Oceanside Pier.
The smell of hot dogs cooking on the open grill was delicious and reminded me of days gone by as a child, when these were one of my favorites. There is nothing more tasty than a hot dog cooked on an open fire outside.
The waves were calm and rather small, but the moisture in the air caused the sky to be a dreamy pale blue and the clouds appeared to be almost a creamy pink.
I watched as the seagulls dodged and swept past.
We walked and watched as the waves lapped the shore and the sun splayed it's golden light upon the sand as a golden mantel.
How beautiful a day and how blessed to be able to enjoy it outside after the rain and dreary cold snap we have experienced these past few weeks.
Out on the pier we were able to watch the surfers from a birds eye view. It is amazing that outside the surf there is a peaceful quietness as the swells gently bob the riders over them.
As we ended our day we were treated to the most beautiful sunset.
You never know what the sunset display will be, and sadly we were on the Sprinter as it set, I wish that I had stayed to capture it properly at the shoreline.
There will indeed be another time for this.~m

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pssst! Want to Know a Secret ????

Pssst! Want to know a secret???
A trip is being planned in our minds as I write this!
We are thinking of an extended time away to see what we can discover out there....
Where will it be? When will we be embarking on thei wonderful get away?
It is just an immagination in our minds at the moment.
Have you any suggestions for us? Favorite get away places in far off Countries?
Let me know and I will investigate further your suggestions!
I am so excited!!!~m