Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bourton on the Water

Believe it or not, I ran across this sweet, quaint village in Victoria Magazine years and years ago.
A fantasy of a dream that one day I might walk among these darling places and take in the thrill of the English country side.
My dear Mother in law was traveling abroad to the Cotswolds and I urged her to plan a visit to this village.
The artistic placement of the slate roofs that repel the drops of rain on a usual day here, down to the meticulous landscaping add to the dream of romance in my heart.
Truth be told, this is an actual minature village of the village!
I had to make it a must when I was planing my holiday, and I was not disappointed.
I hope that it thrills you just as much as it did the first time I looked upon this darling place in the Victoria!


Sfaulk said...

Missy, I love it - it is so quaint and all that we would dream your blog...sandy

Vista Gal said...

Thanks Sandy. You would love it there!

Donita said...

Missy, where is this wonderful miniature little village located? It is what fairy tales are made of. I can see, in my minds eye, little girls dressed in crisp white pinafores running through the the meadows behind the village. (Possibly those little girls are us). Ahhh, dreams are like clouds. Light and airy and deeply relaxing.

Vista Gal said...

This "little Village" is actually a replica of the Village it is in. Bourton on the Water, England.