Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is Here

It is evident that Spring has arrived.
We greet her happily and anxiously,looking forward to warmer sunnier days and plenty of outside activity.
The blossoms are in bud and the rose bower at Beverly Cottage is covered with new blossoms forming. The scent of the orange blossoms in intoxicating as walked into the outer yard this morning with the grandchildren. The chamomile is sprouting for the little bunnies soon to appear from their burrow beneath the shed in the back will feast on this delicate ground cover. The bees were busily collecting their pollen from the extravaganza of bloom of a delicate purple flower appearing as a carpet in the yard.
I wish that it could always be Spring here in my garden. I am hoping for a nice warm day for our family get together this Easter so that everyone will be able to enjoy this splendor!

I have been thinking of the arrival of Spring and have decided to hunt up some of my pictures taken in the Spring of 2005 while on a holiday to England.
I will feature these periodically this month in celebration and share my view of these lovely pictures captured here and in my mind.

My heart yearns to live here.

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