Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Days of the Past

As a child visiting Disneyland, besides driving the Autopia cars on the "real roads" that resembled freeways, one of my favorite rides was Story Book Land, the one that you ride in boats through Monstro the whale's mouth , magically you are in a place of the Lilliputian . I loved the quilted countryside, the miniature homes and burrows that the animals and story book people lived in.
I think this is why these pictures of Bourton on the Water are so dear!
The model village is 1.10 replica of the village an is found at the Old New Inn . It was built during the early 30's by the Inn owner and craftsmen, made of cotswold stone, and opened in 1937.
When I am driving through my hometown that has many cactus farms, I remember those quilted gardens from the past and love to see the patterns made on the hillsides. Maybe this is part of the reason I love to make quilts!!
I am currently preparing to make a miniature scene for a project with my doll club, Rag Doll Construction Company. I am thinking of using a Betrix Potter character.

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Erika said...

Another love of yours, Beatrix Potter. I think that would be neat!