Saturday, May 08, 2010

What Can Possibly Top the Eiffel Tower?

In all my excitement I failed to tell you that we dined at the top.
Yes, Steve treated me to my alltime best dinner with a exquisite view!
While strolling down the Champs Elysees, we ducked into the local supermarket, Monoprix and bought our dinner, a sandwich and soda and cookies for dessert!
While up at the top, we dined al fresco against the fence which protected us from slipping over the edge! Is that a thoughtful husband or what! He treats me the BEST!
This is the same man who has touched a Michaelangelo!!
We were so wise in touring the Tower the night before as it rained for the rest of our stay in Paris.
Coffee and a brioche and then off to the Louvre. We headed straight to the Mona Lisa for the best view. Even so, I was bummed because with the camera I was using the telephoto lense did not have a stabalizer!
We cruised around and viewed the marvelous art and enjoyed the morning.
On to the Orsay Museum. What a beautiful day for touring the museums!
We sat in the gallery among the Cezans, Van Goghs, Monets, and Degas. How incredible
to sit among the great artist, inspired by nature and light created by experiment and able to capture and inspire us!We were allowed to walk right up to these masterpieces and take photos of them.
Notre-Dam Cathedral was awesome.The Latin Quarter would be my next pick for a place to stay, as there was so much happening there. Lots of quick restaurants and cute artsy shops.
We walked and Metroed Paris and saw the sights with our umbrellas opened, and sang in the rain.
With our deadline to return home on the horizon, we conquered our must see's and must do's.
We then visited the Orangerie Museum, where I excitedly anticipated viewing the magnificent Monet panels of the Water Lilies, painted in Giverny. I immediately fell in love surounded by these colorful monoliths, smile gracing my face, I was in heaven, having sat at the pond and claiming it as my own.
As you walk into the viewing area made especially for these paintings, the first room is a completely white oval room. Room number 2 you are embraced by four incredable large scaled paintings of the gardens displaying the changes of the water and lilypads and reflections of the light on the water. I was enthralled!
Just as I thought that that was it, I walked into the next room and there were more paintings. These reflected the willow trees on the water and seasons. The colors aquamarine,peach,pink,yellow ochre,greens,aqua,sky blue.You could reach out and touch them, pick a lily! Oh, but of course, one wouldn't!

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 months ago. This incredibally wonderful time away with my friends, and sweetheart is etched on my heart and is gently floating into the archives of my mind.
Looking forward to 2011, and what it has to offer in new traveling experiences!!

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