Monday, May 10, 2010


Spring has definitely arrived with her lovely paint brush touching the barren plants with colorful blooming buds. Color touches the ground painting a carpet of soft greens, inviting the spring bunnies to romp about and chomp the tender chamomile. This morning we spied a gray bunnie and a black rabbit visiting.
Soon we will have the new nest of babies playing about the back yard. It is so cute when they play and hop straight up into the air!

The birds are nesting. A flock of Cedar Waxwing flew into the yard and visited the bird bath the other day. We just happened to be standing at the window to witness this. The Bluebirds are gracing the yard and birdsong is a float through the air.
We have had a mixed bag of weather. More rain this year than most urges the plants to burst forth and surprise us with the beauty it offers, showing us God's gift of
beauty in nature.
I love spring and all that it offers. It is a gift of new beginnings, and a gateway to summer and outdoor living activities!

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