Thursday, May 20, 2010

Up, Up, With People, You Meet Them Where Ever You Go....

Just receintly we were privilaged to host some foriegn students from Belgium who are part of the group, Up With People. They are touring the Phillippines, United States and Mexico for a 6 month tour.
We hosted two lovely young ladies, Maurine and Delphine.
They were very sweet girls and we had a lovely time, enjoying our evenings at dinner and a Sunday outing to San Diego and dinner at La Pinata in Old Town.
The girls made us a fantastic pasta dinner and crepes for desert one night.

They preformed with the 90 member cast at the Moonlight Amphitheater. What a fantastically talentedd bunch of kids!!
And, I have to say, our two girls were the *Stars*.

We had no idea how quickly the week would go by, and when Monday morning arrived, We did not want to part. They are now part of our family and in our hearts forever.

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Modern Crush said...

That is so cool!!