Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today I have to climb up on my soap box and say a few words about a place that we all visit at one time or another...
The public restroom.
I know that it isn't our favorite spot to go to when out and about, but there are times when we all have to stop in for a visit.
Today I had to stop in for a moment. It happened to be a unisex restroom at the doctor's office.
When I softly knocked to see if it was occupied. The voice of a man answered that it was occupied. I patiently waited and soon the room was vacated. The man leaving even politely held the door for me as I thanked him.
When I approached the "throne", he had left the seat up and had not bothered to care that there was a "little leftover" waiting for the next person to either ignore or wipe up!!!
This URRKS me beyond belief !!!
Why do I want to touch the seat to put it down and wipe the porcelain??? Why would anyone for that matter??
This is a pet peeve at my home, when someone uses the facilities and sees that the lid is covering the "Throne" and then they use it and leave the lid up!
My toilet is fairly clean to the naked eye, BUT I just don't think that it is polite to leave the lid up.
I guess that the custom of lowering the seat and the lid at my home came about as children were brought into our family and for their safety the lid was positioned down.

As if there are that many male visitors to my Blog, both women and men, please be courteous and lower the lid !!!

Now I will climb down off the box.


-pap said...

Yeah1 It pisses me off too!

Erika said...

I guess I inherited it from you, but I feel the same way. I hate when people leave the seat, let alone the cover up. They make a cover for a reason! Why don't people use it?? No one wants to look into the potty, clean or not. I hate it when people leave it up at my house, especially. Even more so because of the little people I have living here...it is just a matter of time till one of them gets into it. Gross!

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, I don't even like when the final lid is still up.

Georgia Woodson said...

Hear hear! It's a rule in my house too. The seat looks awful up, but above all we have the rule because I do not want my cats drinking out of the toilet. EVER. EWWWW.