Monday, January 07, 2008

A Fairwell to Komiza

I am sitting in the small square at the speed Cafe with my cappuccino,along with the locals.
There is one other woman in the mix, the rest the local men planning out their day and catching up on yesterday's news. The music drifts into the square, the conversation is lively and little Da-vi'd is scrambling around with his backpack waiting to be escorted to school just up the cobblestone lane a few feet away from the town's center.
Tonko's brother has just passed by with a ball cap on his head.

We are facing an ancient building that has stood protection over this square hundreds of years. You can tell by its elaborate stone balcony,and the Madonna and Child carved and placed in a nitch overlooking this square. She has looked out over the harbor and provided comfort to those who pass by her on their way to work or to market.
The same people meet daily and gather to discuss the news of the day and what plans will be carried out. The clock in the tower strikes and chimes. Time to be on our way.
This is a place we will want to return to again someday.

We have moved to the waterfront by the bakery for yet another cappuccino. This place provides a view of the boats that are moored. Their gentile rocking gives a relaxed feel for the beginning of the day. The local men walk and inspect the waterfront with their arms wrapped behind their backs hands clasped together,surveying the land and sea. The moon still arise looking down and smiling upon us. We will return ... Someday....

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