Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Home Away From Home

We arrived safely and greeted everyone warmly, so excited that we were really there!

We were given a tour of the Farmhouse and shown our room on the third floor.
I felt like Cinderella, living up in the tower,as everyday I climbed up and down to the room.
I was able to get my stair-stepping in, no problem.
The room was very nice. The views over the vistas of farm and countryside were fantastic!
I would sit at my tiny window in my room and do my Morning Pages, in this case, I turned them into my diary of the daily happenings on the trip, and gaze out at the view.

We had a resident peacock that surprised us the first evening as we sat outside enjoying our bread and cheeses and wine. He flew up onto the railing and eventually settled in the tree branch alongside the patio for safety during the night.

One morning as I was writing, the peacock flew down into the field beyond. The sound caught my attention as I had never heard this type of fluttering.

My post:

Another day awakens, and as morning dawns and reveals her light upon this beautiful land. I look out upon the quieted landscape.
Across the valley, the little town lights still twinkle saying their last good nights to dawn.
I am amazed there are so many lights out there. I feel that we are so far away from anything other that nature itself .

Our little vista provides tranquility to our souls as we gaze across to the other hills.
A dog barks once or twice ,then a rooster crows, the birds begin to sing their sweet song of the morning. Soon the church bells will toll the wake up call to the villagers.
Another day is upon us.

The window sill makes my writing desk as I etch my memory of La Casa Del Podere.
We have been struck by the beautiful view provided from each window and are enchanted! The view keeps calling to the eye and camera. We have taken hundreds of pictures trying to captivate the natural beauty surrounding us here.
Houses dot the lush green landscape, farms and tilled soil have been put to rest for the soon coming winter. It is a delightful scene.

Yesterday, I came across an old woman gathering one of her last harvests from her garden.
She was all hunched over, bent from years of hard work on the land. A babushka covered her head, she peered at us, maybe surprised to see anyone out walking along the road beside her farm. We waved at her and shouted our buenjournos, but she dismissed us and escaped to the safety of her home.The family dog did the rest, as he barked his "GET AWAY FROM HERE", luckily it was tethered.

The resident peacock perches every evening in the tree just below our window. This morning it clucked and I thought that it might be a pheasant.I looked out the window quickly to see if I could find it in the freshly tilled field, and was surprised to see the peacock glide from it's perch into the field. How great to have witnessed this. Time is slowing me down , and I am loving it.

The church bell has just tolled , and time to rise and start the day, so I will close.

Today they are celebrating their annual Chestnut Festival in the town, and we are all looking forward to celebrating with them. We have never eaten chestnuts before.

I hope that you enjoy the post and pictures! ~M

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