Monday, September 14, 2009

~ Letter Swap ~

While meandering around the blog garden, I ran across this letter Swap promoted by a lady in the United Kingdom.
I thought that it might be something fun to do. A way to meet a modern Pen Pal, and as new fun way to meet someone new in the blog world.
Join me if you so desire. A new twist to an old favorite, the "Pen Pal".
This is just one letter. If you so choose to continue to write, I'm sure you could continue by e-mail!

Have fun!!


Tea Time and Roses said...


I was updating a few things on my blog and saw that you had marked Tea Time and Roses The Shoppe as a favorite.:o) Thank you so much and I am so happy that you dropped by tea time for a visit and sure hope you drop in again sometime. I absolutely love the name of your blog!:o) I think the name Beverly is quite special, hmmmmm I wonder if that has just a little to do with the fact that it is my name too...LOL! Anyhow I am delighted when someone new drops in. I will be back to visit your beautiful blog again soon. You and your family enjoy a lovely weekend.



syazwi-aljabri said...

hi,i join it too!