Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Homes Revisited

This past weekend we were down in our old neighborhoods, and I talked Steve,my dear husband into driving by my old homes. The ones I grew up in. They are bookends to my life and each brings up special feelings, especially when I am standing in the front yard looking them straight on!
We drove up to my first home, the one my parents brought me home to after my birth.
As we drove up, there was a man in the front yard getting into his car to leave. I felt strange getting out of my car to approach the house of his with my camera in hand. I walked up to his car and explained that I had lived there when I was young and wanted to take some pictures. He asked me if I was sure that this was the house since he had lived there 45 years! this was His home too and he had lived there all his life!
He said certainly, to go ahead and take as many pictures of the house that I wished.
It is such a tiny house, and they have added a porch on to it. It's hard to believe that my life and memories still linger there.
Those were simpler times and great memories!


Modern Crush said...

That is so cool! Ha, funny how he thought no one could have lived there before him because he only remembers it as 'his.'

Erika said...

It is cool. I would like to see pictures of it when you lived there.

I drove by the house I grew up in the other day too:)