Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Autumn is here and she arrived on time this morning dragging a blanket of fog behind her.

There is a sigh in the air as the colors are soon to be turning to goldens and tans and oranges, more befitting the garden here at Beverly Cottage.

What was once a beautiful carpet of green, sprinkled with tiny purple mat flowers where lady bugs hid, is now a brown crunchy rug of what once was lush to the bare foot.

We aren't gifted by too many fall colored trees here, but the Liquid Amber trees provide our display of autumn color here around the cottage.
The land begs for a drink of liquid splendor from the heavens, but alas, the drought of Southern California's terra, in all actuality, tries to turn back into the desert chaparral it once originally was.
Our fire warnings are high, as we step into this week with forecasts of hot, hot, hot, days ahead .

But without fail Autumn arrives and once again turns our thoughts to cooler days with a dusky feel and smell in the air.
Perhaps it is the fragrance of the dry leaves and pollen left uncollected, but the fragrance of Autumn arrives along with the calendar.

Darker evenings arrive earlier, having to readjust our out door schedules to accomodate her.
Soon we will have to through on a sweater or light coat to keep the chill off.

The neighbor planted Giant pumpkins in the back field and I was surprised to find them growing larger and plumping up.Soon they will be a beautiful, deep rich orange.

I can't tell you which season is my favorite, each one delights me.
Welcome Autumn!


Erika said...

Lovely pictures. Can't wait to see the pumpkins!

no.track.mind said...

Cool man, Cool!

pinkfairygran said...

Oh how lovely to have been paired off with you in the writing swap. I am looking forward to getting to know something more about you.. and I love your blog too, so will be following from now on. Private email to follow..x

Modern Crush said...

Oh the pumpkins... and the fog! It was a glorious site! Great photos M xo

wha...? said...

I am very happy fall has arrived. The seasons in TN are fantastic. Not too long ago I can remember being excited to be able to drive with my windows down. Now I'm looking forward to sweaters and sweatshirts. It's great to be able to look forward. Fog rhymes with frog.

Tea Time and Roses said...

What lovely photos! I am welcoming Autumn with open arms."o) Enjoy a lovely weekend.