Monday, August 03, 2009

Quilts in the Garden

I had long wanted to hang my quilts in the garden to enjoy their beauty and love the patterns made of tiny cut up squares of carefully purchased fabrics.
One morning, after a conversation with Steve, we went out and rigged up a close line of sorts to display these lovelies. I wish that the garden always looked dressed in its splendor in the spring, but as summer turns her heated eyes upon the gardens of Beverly Cottage, the plants and grass loose their blush of color.
I am glad that I have these pictures to gaze at and remember this past spring and enjoy the beauty and creativity that God has blessed me with!


Modern Crush said...

We need a picture! I want to see the splendor! (<3)

Modern Crush said...

Oh I am so lame, I didnt scroll down far enough - there are LOTS of pictures! They are beautiful Missy!