Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I was just thinking that I needed to gather up all my past posts, as I have done before, to keep them as a recorded journal that I have in my hand.
It occurred to me that this is just about what scrap booking is.

I have always looked at scrap booking as a record of the outings of the "Family".
And I enjoy doing this.

I am going to copy my posts and have the pictures printed that I have posted and put them into a scrapbook of "My Life". This will be a great thing for the grand kids in the future.

For them to be able to read what I have written and see how I think and know what my values are.
Sounds like fun~ What do you think?

I remember finding a 5 year diary of my Great Grandmother and being so excited to read her thoughts recorded in this precious journal. I was very disappointed when I opened it to find the daily record of," I did the work." Written repeatedly throughout the journal.
There was hardly a mention of her daughter and grand daughter, my mother!

I want to leave a legacy~


Modern Crush said...

Brilliant! I love this idea!! Do share when you are putting it together <3

Sfaulk said...

Great idea....I think it is wonderful...don't forget to talk about you awesome

Erika said...

I did the work. What work? Why even right anything down? What a bummer.

I have a friend who blogs who was going to submit her blog entries to shutterfly or one of those places and they would make it into a book. I thought it would be very cool.

Vista Gal said...

Grandma Wells was a farmer's wife.
She lived on a farm in a farm house.
I think the most excitement was plucking the chickens and going to buy feed for them. Her social club was her Church, the Dunkard Bretheren.
A large group moved out here together to Whittier to farm.
That has brought us to our destiny.