Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~ Nature's Theater ~

This morning I awoke to sunshine streaming in the bedroom window and bleu skies. This is a seldom happening thing this summer as we have had a barrage of overcast skies that eventually burn off at mid day.
I quickly grabbed my items of the morning, a large cup of Coffee and books and headded out to the patio to enjoy the morning.
The fountain delighted my ears with its constant tinkle of running water, reminding me of sitting beside a stream. I watched as nature"s morning parade in the garden.
The Lord blessing me continually with His simple gifts of pleasure surrounding me. This theater is constantly about us, but how often do we stop and make time to view it?
I was very pleased at the visitation of the "Blue Bird Family", that came by for a cool drink of water and a morning plunge into the turquoise birdbath. They are not seed eaters, they prefer bugs and grubs found in Mother Earth. God provides~
The Monarch Butterfly flit by and grabbed my attention from afar, landing on the purple Butterfly bush for me to catch in a photo.
I spotted a female Oriole also, which seems so illusive around Beverly Cottage. I must refill the nectar for the humming bird feeders.
Thank you for the beautiful morning Lord.


Erika said...

How beautiful!

Pamela said...

This is the first time that I've seen the fountain! It is so beautiful. Did you put the blueish patina finish on it or did it just naturally oxidize over time?

Modern Crush said...

I love the birds! What a wonderful God.

Vista Gal said...

This is a blue glazed birdbath bought from Costco.

syazwi-aljabri said...

So beautiful snap! Love it so much!

Homestead said...

Lovely - You take the words right out of my mouth, hehe.... Love every morning with nature all around us.