Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Daughter Of The MOST HIGH

Monday, I joined a Bible Study of women from different churches in the area.
At the end of the study, one of the ladies announced that her church was having an event,
"A Night Of Elegance" that next night, and was there anyone who wanted to attend as she had tickets.
One of our prominent news casters was to be the guest speaker which excited me and made me desire to, at the last minute buy a ticket. I was interested in visiting this church that I had herd so much about through the years.

Last night a few of my girlfriends and I attended the "Night Of Elegance."
As we entered and were led through the many beautiful tables set up for this event, our eyes rested upon the most "elegant" of tables set.
To our amazement, the table was not reserved and there was space for our group!

The hostess said that she desired the Lord to bring the women to that particular table for her to host, and that she had not chosen any of her friends to sit with her.
We were truly blessed and felt as if the Lord were honoring us for our ministries.
Our news caster, Carol Le Beau spoke to our hearts about the importance of true friendship.
It truly was a night of blessings.


shirley said...

I couldn't quite figure out how to write back, but just wanted to say that you are a GREAT photographer. You really had some creative and artistic shots of Europe!

Tisra said...

Carol Le Beau! Wow...I haven't been in San Diego for TEN years, but it's neat to hear that she's still doing news!

It sounds like a lovely night and a great group of women.

Here in Nashville, we have had some really amazing inter-denominational cooperation, outreach, and ministry. Its always a wonderful thing to see THE Church (Christ's church!) acting as one and joining forces for greater action.

Regarding the comment on my blog: I'm so touched by the feedback I've gotten lately about my artwork. It just affirms what I know God is doing in me/ through me with this. Thank you.