Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring at Beverly Cottage 2008

Spring has indeed arrived here at Beverly Cottage.

With the much needed rain we received a few months ago, the flowers are in their glory.
The rose arbor in the back garden is a bloom in its magnificence.
Even the common geraniums are putting out a beautiful show and reminding me of why I pinched a cutting from the mother plants I passed by on a wander or walk once upon a time, sometime ago.

I remember my nephew being surprised and a bit shocked when I helped myself to a tiny slip of the wonderful magenta geranium as we were leaving a restaurant.
Now it delights me as I remember how beautiful it was at first sight so many years ago.

I have had my eye on a white geranium that we pass on our walk at a grandma's house. I just need to ask her if it is alright for me to have a slip. It will be very pretty in the secret garden.

Come for a cup of tea and a visit to my garden at Beverly Cottage soon!

I have been waking up at 5:00 in the morning to the sound of an unusual bird song that I have never heard!
I cannot describe it to anyone other than it is very different, almost like a parrot. It repeats its song over and over. It isn't really a song though. It is the only bird calling out. When the other birds are waking and starting their morning rituals this bird is silent. Perhaps it has flown away by this time. I only hear it in the dark. My neighbor and husband have heard it also. If only we could see it to identify it. It has been present for about a week now.
It is a mystery!


no.track.mind said...

maybe you can wake up and catch it on film with your camera and flash!

Erika said...

Are you sure it isn't Pancho? :)

Erika said...

Or is Pancho their cat? What is the parrots name?

-pap said...


Vista Gal said...

The sound is coming from the Jacaranda tree in the front of the house

-pap said...

I got it ,I heard the bird today then heard and saw it at the golf course today. I just need to find it in the bird book and collect the reward!!!!

wha...? said...

What is it saying? "Help, somebody Help! I don't know what time it is!"