Wednesday, March 26, 2008


O Lord, my God,
You have given me such beauty to behold in my life.

The color of the sky and snow on a crisp winter morn. The new born bud of growth on a barren branch, fresh and alive! The wonder of color that gives me feeling and emotion in all that my eyes take in.

The smell of summer in the air and the sound of the bird singing it's song to it's mate.
The soothing sound of the water gently flowing over smooth stones on its destination to provide refreshment and to quench the thirst of someone or something that You have wonderfully and marvelously created.

The wonders of nature, a grain of sand, the spiny scallop of a sea shell, the gentle opening of a pine cone, the softness of a flower petal, the sound of a bee's wings as it does it's daily work.

The gentle wind blowing through the trees causing them to sway and bend their heads and bow to Your majesty.

These are pleasures and the beauty of life that You graciously bestow upon me.

I praise You Lord ,for Your creation. I thank You for allowing me to be part of this.

It is comforting to know You are here with me always.
I see the blessings You bestow upon me and my family.
I proclaim You are my God, my Master, my Creator!

Words cannot express the joy that You have bestowed upon me!

My heart sings a constant song of Praise and Love for You!

You have given me the answers to longings locked deep in my heart
You have heard my secret prayers, comforted me in my sadness and delivered me from the evil one's grip.
You have pulled me up from my despair.

In times of fear, You have been by my side and given me strength and assurance and peace.

I Praise You Lord for my being!

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-pap said...

Wow this sounds like one of Davids Psalms!