Thursday, March 22, 2012

What a Day of Plans~

The second day of Spring~ And lovely Spring weather with many wonderful plans for the day~
Morning devotions to start the day off right and then walk with my daughter and granddaughter~
home and a little clean up and then Mr. Wonderful arrives home from golf~
Lunch and then out to the front of the cottage to spruce up. I have been trying to make the front of the porch look oh, just so. I must admit the BIG mistake I made 30 some years ago when I pulled all the "old Ladies flowers' which were well established Hydrangeas. Enter a sob of sadness here.
I now wish the entire front was filled with these lovelies, but alas they are slow starting for me.
I gathered some nice plants from my father-in-law's home when we were clearing the homestead and brought them to the cottage~ Today was the day to plant them in the beds by the porch, I have to say that it gives the flower bed an established look, and I am pleased with the outcome!
Today, I was also to start the purging of the studio by moving items into the "spare room" then go through and decide what would go back into the studio~
Next will come the HUGE garage Sale at the Cottage.
Wish me luck, as the tables have been set up for the arrival of items, and we sat outside and enjoyed an ice cream instead!


Rebecca said...

I'm sure your porch is lovely....we are still a bit on the cool side for planting a flower garden....of course the deer and squirrels make it a challenge to have a flower garden. I'm happy to report the squirrels have not started eating the irises yet---they seem to wait until the plants bloom. The geraniums seem to keep them at bay.

Vista Gal said...

Thanks Rebecca for the great encouragement.
I would love to sit on the porch at either your home or mine with a cup of tea.

bonnie z said...

missy you are so talented in so many ways and i enjoyed my visit to your blog the music is perfect with the lovely flowers . My favorite movie was always the secret garden and your yard is that secret garden for me and you are always the perfect host when I visit there always love sharing a cup of tea with you on your lovely china. a small view of what heaven will be like right there in Vista.

Vista Gal said...

Thank you Bonnie for the great complement~