Tuesday, March 20, 2012


After three fabulous weeks in the warm desert sunshine in the Anza~Borrego Desert, we are well rested and re~juvinated.
I would like to keep myself in this 'happy spot' forever and float through the days of the week un- incumbered and free spirited.
The huge winter storm blew through and pelted us with rain and hail, yet there was not enough rainy days for me.There was however, enough to urge the sleeping beauties from their browned-mat beds, and to encourage them to peek their sweet heads up into the warming sunshine and display their beautiful color and sweet aroma.
Buds are appearing on the tips of shrubbery and promising to display their loviliness and bring a smile on lips.

The birds are singing and nesting and yes, indeed, Spring has arrived here at Beverly Cottage!

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