Monday, January 02, 2012

There's More Than Meets The Eye Here~

Hello all ~
Happy 2012!!
I will be focusing more on Beverly Cottage this 2012~ But did you know that there is more for you on my travels and photography? It can be found on my link to Bella Italia and Dreams of Far Away~
Here I have bloged the travels of my husband,Steve and I as we started our first travels and life in Tunisia in 1973~
We  receintly returned from a trip to Europe which is posted there of 5  countries along with photographs.
If you join Bella Itallia as a follower I will enter you in a drawing for a photograph of your choice.

I do love to hear from you. I do so enjoy your comments ~


Anonymous said...

I love the sunglasses shot. Dad in the reflection. Fantastic like a fantasy!

Vista Gal said...

Your dad is Always in my picture! <3