Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Season of Bullfrogs and Butterflys~

The year has passed by extremely slow and has been tesiously emotional.

At the end of our visit in Tennessee, our lives were quickly changed into the life of adults having to take care of their elderly parent and seeing to the welfare and needs of our father.

This past six months has been dedicated to his move and relocation to our town and the tedious
job of liquidating of the home and items that made memories in my husband's life.

It has been an extremely emotional time as we face a new season in our lives, only reminding us that our lives too, are rapidly changing.
I chose not to post thru this time as what could be said that could express the emotions felt and decisions that needed to be made ~

Life does go on through difficulties, and we all must at some time face the realization that we will be responsible for the loved ones who once so lovingly took careful care of us.

This only brings to mind that we are to indeed getting older ourselves and have become mature adults~

It now is near the end of the year, situations are still presenting themselves day by day, yet we are setteling in and becoming more familiar with senior living and the daily routine for our father. It is not often an easy road ~

The grand children have been our breath of fresh air, and keep our life busy with the wonder in discovering of life. When they come for their weekly visit there is always something new experienced or discovered ~

This week we were out watching Steve working on his latest project, building a side fence.

My Grand daughter noticed a Monarch Butterfly resting on the picket fence.

"Grammie, look at this butterfly"! The butterfly flitted around Her head and seemed to stay nearby. We followed it around, it did not go far and we put our hands up hopeing that it would land on our hands.

The butterfly did not land on our hand but lit on the geranium bush, where we gently urged it on her finger!

The butterfly continued to allow us to hold it and investigate it's beauty for about twenty minutes, where after we set it on the plant again and left it.

How precious that the Lord allowed us the opportunity to meet this beautiful creature!

The kids named the butterfly Theresa. ~

Yesterday we were walking around the yard and we saw a butterfly perched in the old oak tree in the back. ~

"Theresa"! My grand daughter yelled out! We said our hellos and walked on.


Sfaulk said...

Dear Missy stopped by for a moment to check out your blog. What joy and peace it brings to my spirit. My eyes feast on the glory of your pictures and my soul sways to the music. I wish that life came together as easy as your blog - but until that day I will allow my soul to be carried away on Theresa wings and see myself sailing into the horizon focused on the glory of His love that floods my senses. Love

Vista Gal said...

Thank you Sandy~
I never know when someone stops by~
Theresa was indeed a delight to us and it is only the third time I really have had an encounter with a live butterfly~ I was so blessed that the children were there to discover the beauty up close!
Just last week we found a Monarch fadeing away into glory and I picked it up and shared it's last moments. It was such a sad moment that I had almost wished I had left it alone outside~
The relinquishing of life back into nature whence it came~
Even so~ I thank God for allowing the encounter~ I am Blessed~