Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Walk Amongst the Lilies ~ Giverny Part II

Here we were,in Monet's village,Giverny. We walked back up the small lane, Rue Claude Monet, lined with quaint cottages and flora painted in golden ochers and reds, as if Monet, himself had taken his brush and stroked the landscape. A pure delight to my eyes. I felt the excitement as we quickened the pace. Visitors were exiting the car park walking to the same destination, each ready to have that incredible experience of art and nature we had visited in art history books. One thing was different though, we were staying here! The others would only be here but a moment and then drive off to some other place.
This was the last weekend of the season that Monet's property would be open.

We entered the property and wandered through the gardens leaving his home for the latter part of the visit. I felt like a kid wanting to run ahead to see the lily pond first, before anyone else. Most of the foliage was close to being done with it's bloom, but it still was magical and the colors of autumn surrounded us.
We arrived at the pond and started our promenade.

Claude Monet lived for almost forty years from 1883-1926, in this home. He had passion for gardening as well as for colors, he conceived both his flower garden and water garden as true works of art.

Wandering around the property you get a feel for the relaxing atmosphere which reigned here while Monet painted and gardened and played. He was truly inspired by the natural light and color of the area, other artists followed,they do even to this day.

The pond is lined with walks and seating along the path. A series of green bridges cross the brook that feeds the pond.
The changing colors of the leaves illuminated the scheme of the garden and framed the pond,lily pads floating atop the water. Many pictures were taken trying to capture the light and reflections.

Since it was late in the season we were almost alone out there, sitting and enjoying this scene. It was as if it were our own, and we drank it in lingering.
I stood on the beautiful green Japanese arched bridge and posed for my picture to be recorded that here I had stood and witnessed something marvelous.

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