Thursday, April 15, 2010

Land of Monet and Le Nympheas

Ahhh, Giverny, just the sound and the spelling of this village paints visions of greens, blues and pale pinks in the mind. The dream of crossing the green Japanese Bridge amidst the lovely wisteria laden arbor and viewing the floating Lily pads upon the pond below has been a dream in my mind since I viewed Monet's painting.
This was indeed my passion, to walk along paths in the garden and view the Lily Pond.
I knew that the trip to Giverny had to be included on this trip, being so close to this beautiful town. as it is right outside Paris.

I want to take this slow, so you can enjoy every bit of Giverny, so this post on Giverny will be in several parts.

As you know we arrived from Versailles, via Paris, so once again we entered the City of Lights and exited only seeing the train station, St.Lazare. Giverny is about an hour outside Paris. The train arrives at a town named Vernon and from there you take a bus to the little village of Giverny. The bus is waiting just outside the station to drive you to the car park of Monet's home. They have even placed footprints for you to follow from the station to the bus, so you aren't lost looking for the right bus.

In my enraptured planning, I decided that I really wanted to be there and stay there and get the feel of the village, not just make it a day trip.

I found a darling B&B on the web and fell in love instantly with the place,
Le Jardins d Helene. The web page was so lovely, and I loved the presentation of the different rooms to stay, along with the grounds and the classical music playing throughout, as you meander through the pages of this home. I HAD to stay there to complete my dream.
Check out the web page for this lovely B&B, and swoon with the visual delight. There is even a tour via French T.V. ~

When booking I was unsure where the bus stop was in relation to the B&B.
As usual, everything seems so tentative when one has never been to a new town,village,or city.
When one gets the feel and lay of the land, one is no longer "lost".

We arrived passing our B&B at the beginning of the village. Now much past this spot, we had to walk dragging our suitcases, which wasn't too bad since they were carry on size. Within ten to fifteen minutes we arrived at our B&B.

We quickly unpacked and were out discovering the Monet's village and home.

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