Friday, January 01, 2010

~A Tour Within A tour~

There are so many places to see when everything is new. How exciting to open the tour book and decide what the day holds and to go exploring in a foreign land!
this day we chose to head back north and explore the land.
Rick Steves in hand, off we went!
Trying to figure out the bus schedule, and if we could access where we desired to go, was a bit difficult. With a little more perseverance we probably would have been able to access some of the out of the way places, but without a car it seemed near impossible at the time.
We decided to take the train north to Eze the Village ,VillefrancheSur la mer and Niece.
We exited the train and waited for the bus at a deserted stop next to a closed tourist kiosk.
The 30 minute wait was worth the wait! Up the side of the mountain we rode, the only two tourists at the time,with a majestic view of the Mediterranean below and this fantastic village of Eze, perched on the top of the hill, a picture paradise!
Upon our return down the hill,we boarded the train once again to Villafranche Sur la Mer, a colorful little town along the coast with many little back street alley ways inviting you to check out all they have to offer. Many picturesque opportunities taken.
Niece as next. We took the trolly with the native French people and packed in to head down to Mediterranean water's edge, the "French Riviera".
We walked along the Promenade des Anglais, walkway of the English, a broad sidewalk along the rock beach providing sweeping view of the ocean and sun bathers,trying to gather as much sun to keep their tans glowing a bit longer. I can't figure how laying on rocks can be at all comfortable. We ventured there along the shore amongst the smooth stones,to put our feet into the water, and I laid back on the stones to try and enjoy the moment and take in the fact that I was there.Bain de Solei, for that San tropez Tan! First a sail boat gliding by and then a Cruse Ship on the horizon.What a picture op for my travel blog!
I hope you enjoy ~ Leave me a message letting me know you have stopped by!

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