Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Stumble Across The Sweetest Gem in Quartzsite

Before moving on to memories of Bon France', I must comment on the past month's get away across the border, Arizona, that is...
We dry camped outside what I call a 'Boom Town', Quartzite, where a little truck stop,and two off ramps, blink and you've missed it!
This 'Boom Town' comes to life with's stopping by to look at the wares for sale. Jewels to gems to beads to rocks to fossils to anything that you can think of. It is here for a brief moment.
It is interesting to see the mix of people that are drawn to this place made somewhere for the moment, by the throngs of travelers who make it their Mecca yearly to view the same stuff hawked and the latest demonstrated. Young couples with babies are replaced with the nearly aged with little furry creatures they make their children, displaying them in prams or strapped across their chests for all to see and admire.
It is amusing to see the ancients come in and promenade with their little charges. Shouldn't these little doggies be prancing about upon their own 4 feet to get their proper exercise?

We walked to the big tent and came across three vagrant lost young adults, asking for food, anything to eat because of their hunger, willing to have their pictures taken in exchange for oranges. I felt that they brought a kind of futuristic look to this 'Boom Town.'
I could imagine wagons of the by gone western days rolling in to town to stock up on goods and camp in their circles to protect themselves from Indian raids. The R.V.s in all shapes and sizes set up camp all about the area.
Soon the tents will be taken down,the R.V.ers disperse into the Western Sunset, the sellers will move to another place and set their wares up for others to flock to and gaze at and handle the gems and jewels of the land. Glittering and beautiful to touch. And Quartzite becomes a tumbleweed town baked in the blazing sun.

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