Monday, December 14, 2009

What Could Be Better than the Cinque Terre'?


The Cinqu Terre'!
It feels like an old friend that you don't see for a while and then when you are back together,it is like you haven't been away... The same as it ever was, as one of those songs says.
Just as lovely as you left it.
I think that the best part of coming back this time was because we were with friends who had never seen 'her'. The look on their faces as they entered the square was priceless!
An instant smile came to their lips as they saw the harbor and felt the old world atmosphere for the first time.
We arrived not having reservations, but hoping that there would be someone who could take on the 8 of us. There was, and after negotiations, we were placed in four rooms fairly close together. It was kind of fun to be separated from one another and have to meet for meals.
We were free to wander around and explore wherever we wanted. We gathered for dinner in a little restaurant overlooking the town. We had to hike up the steps and walk through small alley like corridors to arrive at the top of the hill overlooking the village. In fact it was part of the walk to the next town along the trail.
The vista was spectacular and the sunset superb, dinner was delightful and the company fantastic! We were relaxed after a harried trip to La Spezia, where we at first could not find the train station, and then could not find a place to park our car!! After driving around we parked and then rode the bus to the station. and took the train to Vernazza. All turned out well.
We spent the night in one of Rick Steves' recommended places, small but adequate and the next morning met for cappuccinos and a scheduled walk through the neighboring villages along the scenic bluffs.
Once again 'she' is etched in my memory, and I yearn to return. What causes this desire to be in this foreign place? I want to feel it and know it as my own.

I was at a party and talking to a friend who had visited Vernazza several years back. Just speaking about our experience there lit the flame in both of us.
It is such a fulfilling feeling to return and know this spot. To linger there a bit longer.
If you go to Italy, you must experience Cinque Terre'!
Enjoy the pictures!

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