Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Time Is Here


The cards have been mailed, we have Christmas caroled, made a Gingerbread House, decorated handmade ornaments partied on the boat in the harbor,under the Coronado Bridge, made cookies and now the turkey is thawing to be cooked Christmas Eve.
Presents are wrapped and under the tree, waiting for little hands to find the surprise of the gift of giving.
Family will arrive at Beverly Cottage, Christmas Eve to gather and enjoy each other's company and enjoy a tasty dinner, then, if the children have been good, kind and nice to each other, Santa may make an appearance !

Gifts will be exchanged, and we will all be thankful for our family, friends and blessings from our dear Lord.

The tinsel tree is garnished with my antique ornaments, Christmas music is softly playing in the background, and the Christmas spirit is filling the air along with the smell of the fragrant candles amongst the decorations.

Sending Holiday greetings to each one of you and I am blessed by your stopping in for a visit.

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