Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rag Doll Construction Company

In 1999 I joined as newly formed doll club, Rag Doll Construction Company, a group of women who create dolls from cloth.
I joined not because I wanted to make dolls, but I had a fascination in black folk dolls and this group knew a woman who is a known bear and black folk doll maker. I didn't want to pass up this chance, so I plunged in!

We are a sisterhood of girlfriends who share the joy of creating cloth dolls.
We meet monthly working on projects set up at the beginning of the year and have a yearly doll challenge.We collaborate with each other and take classes and field trips and enjoy each others company. Sadly through these years we have lost two members to cancer.They are still near and dear to our hearts, and greatly missed.

I m going to share some of the dolls I have made over these years.
I hope that you will enjoy the tours.

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