Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Godey Lady

The Godey Lady doll was a pass around doll.She was inspired by the Godey's Lady's Book, a publication beginning in 1840. It was a prominent monthly subscription for ladies of the day, to educate the total woman and help provide her with solutions to the challenges of everyday life. Each issue $3.00 or $27.50 for a year's subscription, included works of fiction, the latest fashion. recipes for cleaning and cooking, educational activities foe children, and the exchange of ideas among their readership. Articles attempted to keep women appraised of technical developments, such as the sewing machine, the latest medical information, home remedies and advice.
Each month each member received a different member's doll to add a piece of clothing, or orniment or accessory that fit with the dolls theme. At the end of the year we received our dolls complete.

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gaylecederberg2013 said...

How can I buy this doll?