Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birth Month Musings

As many of you know, June is my " Birth Month".
I decided that I enjoyed celebrating with my friends rather that having "Birthday Parties".
It has been my pleasure to entertain and gather with those I call friends and whom I love.
It has turned out to be a fun time of enjoying each others company and a delight for us to gather.
On my "Birthday" my daughter invited me out to breakfast with my Grand daughter to "Thyme on the Ranch", a place in Rancho Bernardo in a cute little setting with delicious entries.
We enjoyed our muffins,fruit and tea sand cappuccinos, but the most fun part of the breakfast was watching my Grand daughter play and enjoy the flowers. My daughter's friend met us with her new daughter and it was fun to be able to meet her baby and visit.
My daughter's present to me was a beautifully handcrafted personalized crown made by another girlfriend, who has a business making these lovelies and more!
I was so thrilled when I opened the gift and there was the lovely crown. You may see me around town wearing this crown. Don't hesitate to ask me about it, I love it!
It has been a great year and I am sure that this year, even though another year older will be great too, because I am loved, feel loved and love all of you and that is what friendship is all about!
Call me and we will have tea! ~M~


Modern Crush said...

Lovely!! I really want to get over there and experience Thyme on the Ranch myself, I have heard a lot of good things about it! It was so fun to share tea with you Missy, you are a wonderful mom and friend. P.S. Love the crown:)

Pamela said...

It sounds like a beautiful month for a beautiful Lady. I love you. :)

Linda said...

Happy birthday last month! Mine was in May. That crown is exquisite!